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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

16" x 20"

Original $500

Prints & Tshirts Available

This painting was derived from pure frustration. I was originally working on another piece called Mama No Cry. When I reached the hair I had
a tough time blending the colors just right. I asked my mother for her opinion and her responses were very negative and not helpful at all. This frustration built from uncertainty and lack of guidance resulted
in the creation of Monster.


Something constructive, that my mother suggested, was to work
on another piece and then come back to it.  As I sat back in my chair thinking of what to paint instead I came across a picture I took of myself in a state that mimicked how I felt at that moment. That is
what I chose to paint! Pure raw emotion.


As I have many times before, I decided to deconstruct the image into basic shapes and then rebuild it with various colors, similar to Proud of Self. For the background I could not decide on one solid color, so I decided to deconstruct color as well. I thought of previous lessons on Impressionism and made a color gradient. The end result was a very powerful and saturated painting both of color and emotion. 

Mama No Cry

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