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Meet Tiffany Skyers


Tiffany has always been inspired by the world around her. Her empathy for others and desire to learn has her eager to understand new concepts, experiment with design, and enhance her creativity, while always keeping in mind the desires of her art collectors and clients. Image by @jrlikestofilm

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Her Inspiration

Tiffany Skyers has been interested in the arts since her youth. Her creative influences have been current events, personal lifestyle changes, and her family's ethnic background. Inspired by her Jamaican lineage, her palette tends to use vibrant and bold colors, and encompasses symbolic imagery, patterns, and foliage. Her favorite visual artists include Frida Kahlo, Van Gogh, and Olivia Bé Nguyen.


Upon testing for enrollment into a private preschool. Tiffany's attention to visual detail was quickly noticed. Her desire to put
her world onto paper was encouraged by her family, teachers,
and mentors. Since middle school, her work has been exhibited
in coffee shops, libraries, and museums. She began accepting commissions for logo, tattoo, and painting designs as early as 
high school. Enjoying the arts as a hobby, she had no idea how quickly her talents would open doors into new opportunities.


A year after graduating high school, Tiffany enrolled in Savannah College of Art and Design. While in college, she began to network with art communities along the East Coast. She took opportunities to travel on weekends and breaks. Tiffany was invited to participate in events as a featured live painter and vendor for smaller organizations and businesses such as the Queen's Collective, the indigos, ELLOHBEE, JAHA Hair Studio, indieThi3ves,The Nonfiction Art Gallery, etc. Eventually her buildup of requests lent hand to the decision of branding herself as CreaTiff Artistry in the Summer of 2016. With help from social media, word of her artistic endeavors traveled fast, and granted her the opportunity to participate in a Miami Art Basel event, Unplug Miami hosted by Salute Life in December 2017.


By March 2018, Tiffany graduated from SCAD with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, focusing on Graphic Design. Since graduating, her work has been broadcasted on podcasts such as The G-Rich Show, local new stations like QC@3 and the Savannah Morning News, and featured in physical and online blogs and magazines such as Black Girls Who Paint and ShoutOut Miami. In April 2024, Tiffany was selected to vend at Lute's Goldmouf Garage Event, associated with Dreamville Records. At this time, Tiffany continues to travel the east coast working as a vendor, and accepts international orders and freelance painting, and design commissions. She has accepted orders from individuals such as Actress Gail Bean and commissioned for web design and graphic work by companies such as the Natural Hair Industry Convention.


As for the future, her goal is to open a teen club catering to art therapy for at risk youth. The chapter for this story is only just beginning to be written...

Making Her Dreams Come True

Making Her Dreams Come True

In the Media