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Tiffany Skyers

Tiffany Skyers has been interested in the arts since her youth. Her creative influences have been current events, personal lifestyle changes, and her family's ethnic background. Inspired by her Jamaican lineage, her palette tends to use vibrant and bold colors, patterns, and foliage. Her favorite visual artists include Frida Kahlo, Picasso, and Olivia Bé Nguyen.

At a young age, upon entering private school, she was tested and her attention to visual detail was noticed. Her desire to put her world on paper was encouraged by her family, teachers, and mentors. Since middle school, her work has been exhibited in coffee shops, libraries, and museums. However, she did not begin accepting commissions for logo, tattoo, and painting designs until high school.


In college, Tiffany began to network with her surrounding art communities of Charlotte, NC and Savannah, GA. She has been
invited to participate in events as a featured live painter and vendor
for smaller organizations and businesses such as the Queen's Collective, the indigos, ELLOHBEE, JAHA Hair Studio, indieThi3ves,The Nonfiction Art Gallery, etc. Eventually her buildup of requests lent hand to the decision of branding herself as CreaTiff Artistry in the Summer of 2016.


December 2017, Tiffany was invited to participate in a Miami Art Basel event, Unplug Miami hosted by Salute Life. By the next March 2018, Tiffany graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts, focusing on Graphic Design. Since then, she has traveled up and down the east coast working as a vendor and freelance designer, began using #creatiffartistry as a tag, and now only goes by her first and last name.  As for the future, her goal is to open teen club catering to art therapy for at risk youth.

Tiffany Skyers Design | CreaTiff Artistry

Tiffany Skyers Design | CreaTiff Artist