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GRAY DAY (Year 1) - Alabama

Recently I was requested to design a t-shirt image for Natalya Winters, mother of Gray. The image was to be used on all promotional material for an upcoming walk to support Gray's 4th birthday, and to spread awareness about Turner Syndrome. A syndrome in which Gray is diagnosed with.


"Turner syndrome is a disorder caused by a partially or completely missing X chromosome. This condition affects only females...Turner syndrome can cause a variety of medical and developmental problems, including short height, failure of the ovaries to develop and heart defects. In most cases, girls/women with Turner syndrome are infertile."

Natalya requested an illustration of her daughter that encompassed her personality. Together we compiled a variety of images of Gray over the years and saw an abundance of tutus, big bows, and glowing smiles. All three were incorporated into the image. Upon learning the unofficial Turner Syndrome logo was a butterfly, we decided to add butterflies flying around her. Her favorite color is "rainbow", hence the variety of colors of the butterflies. As time progressed, the need for inclusion of other races and ages was necessary. I added two more
little girls to the original illustration.

Below are promotional material needed designed for the event.
To learn more about Gray, her family's journey, and the walk please
click here.


Reference Images

2019-04-01 (1).png
2019-04-01 (2).png



GRAY DAY (Year 2)

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