SKYERS CDC (School Project)


Skyers Child Development Center needed a new logo and identity. Skyers provides a place where children "learn through play". I came up with the connect the dot concept of putting pieces together, both mentally and physically. The colors used are primary colors, which has always been the school colors representative of foundation.

I designed stationary and website home page that caters to parents and their children. It is sophisticated enough to be taken seriously, but fun enough to intrigue children.

SKYERS CDC (Practical Use)


After discussing with the owner her needs, likes, and dislikes. The logo was revised to a simplified sun with a red background. It was meant to be a re-branding of the original sun logo.

Over time we developed a business card, stationary, summer camp tshirts, staff uniforms, signage, social media, and a website. 

Original Logo




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