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Shadow Boxing is a book of poetry written by Jasmine Jones:

"Shadow Boxing is a compilation of transparent poetry that takes you
on the journey of an "elder millennial" Black American born woman,
consumed by her sexuality, relationships with both family and religion,
nd self-medication. Jasmine Jones uses her words to pen little pictures
of trauma, abandonment, triumph, and the ultimate power of self. Featuring epic and honest images captured by Emerald Arguelles,
this piece of literature will be a striking edition to any brave souls
coffee table."


After the creation of the text, Jasmine had a hard time making her book visually illustrate what was described. That is where I came in.
I added more visually appealing fonts, minor illustrations, and a more consistent layout. I also helped upload the documents in the proper ePub format to Amazon to be published. 

Once published, marketing material was necessary for upcoming events such as book signings. Below are designed mocks of signage and other misc items.


Previous Design


Current Design

2019-04-03 (1).png
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