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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

16" x 20"

Original SOLD

Prints & Tshirts Available

Proud of Self was made during a low moment. As an African American woman and model, my body was scrutinized by my peers, family, and agencies. For one person I may be too chunky, too tall, too light skin, while for another I may be too slim, too short, too dark. The tug between social acceptance between different environments had me at a loss. I eventually had to teach myself to own the body that I am in, because I can not satisfy everyone. After dropping from my modeling agency, I found self love and peace. I decided to make this painting as an ode to myself and to those around the world, be Proud of Yourself! The portrait is not to be identified as a specific gender or race, hence the low cut and many colors. 

I drew inspiration from a photograph found of a fierce African model with a radiant smile. Her energy was inspiring. I then broke down face into graphic two dimentional shapes and filled in each empty space with color.

The original piece is now on display in Atlanta, Georgia at a Navy Veteran's home in the center of African themed souvenirs he has purchased from around the world.

Proud of Self.jpg
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