Joi Iman is a stylist based in Alabama who had a preexisting brand, signature, and website. However, she did not have imagery to tie her brand together. A glamorous and hardworking mother, her goal is to have a brand of sophistication and femininity. She strives to be a super woman! Based on her love for all things pink, I made a sophisticated brand full of frilly pink ornamentation paired with geometric black lines.

The original logo was based on a photo Joi took for a past look book. With the help of fashion designer, Audriana Reid, I created a charcoal illustration with elongated features similar to fashion illustration. The image was the scanned into the computer, cleaned up via Photoshop, and edited along side Joi's signature. With the logo created I went on to design business cards, post cards, and letterheads.

Over time Joi's needs grew, hence the designs were adjusted accordingly. Joi's intention to style expanded to the creation of a subscription box for pregnant mothers and mothers of toddlers. So far the box for pregnant mothers has been released. Using new knowledge of digital illustration, I created a subscription box design that mimicked the original logo. The charcoal design went digital and was embellished with a gown and pregnant belly. Adorning the outside of the box is floral ornamentation.

Since creating the box, Joi has taken the design a bit farther and created a small notebook, pamphlet design, additional stationary, etc. This pleased me greatly. My goal as a designer is to make the steps necessary to begin the branding of a company, and they take it a step farther and independently create what is needed based on the content I leave them with.  Printing by: IG @printsbykim

Digital Outline of Charcoal

Pregnant Mom Subscription

Mom & Toddler Subscription - WIP

Business & Post Cards


Subscription Box

Subscription Box Contents

Stationary created by Joi Iman

Grief Box

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