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KISS is a popular cosmetics brand known for it’s nail products.
After hearing and experiencing my own frustrations about Acrylic
Nail Kit package  designs, I designed a package aesthetically pleasing
and functional.  ​The bright red is representative of a woman’s strength, power, and seduction, while the silver ornamental designs were meant
to represent femininity. This way the product caters to all type of woman rather than a select age group and personality.


The window is shaped as a nail. The inner box is a tray that can
sit on a vanity.  It also makes application easier in contrary to competitors who have packaging that opens and closes on itself.
This is a problem because the opening and closing can make one
more prone to messing up their nails. The tray stays out and once
all tops are screwed off, it stays open until user is complete and everything can be resealed. It is also is visually appealing when
sitting on the counter between uses.

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